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1) GEISHA CHA-CHA (The Cha-Cha Boys) (Montagnard-Piot)

2) FORTUNE COOKIE(part 2) (Eddie Baxter) (Baldwin)

3) CHINESE CHA-CHA-CHA (Al Fredito) (Lang-Goldner)

4) YOSHIKO (The J's with Jamie) (Whitley)

5) YOKO-HOKO-HOMA (The Peppers) (Schachtal)

6) CHOPSTICK CHA-CHA (Lester Laundree) (Mc Kenzie-Haggart)

7) CHU-SEN-LING (The Bermudas) (Heiss-Hughes-Stryker)

8) CHINATOWN (Victor Knight) (Greenfield-Miller)

9) DINING IN CHINATOWN (Jennifer Wells) (Younge)

10) CHING-CHING WONG (Bernie Turner) (Turner)

11) TOKYO MELODY (Sheridan Hollenbeck) (Zacharias)

12) CHINA GATE (Ramsey Lewis) (Young-Adanson)

13) FAR EAST CHA-CHA-CHA (The Turbojets) . (Davis)

14) EARTH BOY (E.Presley) (Tepper- Bennett)

15) JAPANESE CHACHA (De Denise) (Denise)

16) CHINESE CHECKERS (The Souliers) (Jones-Cropper-Jackson)

17) CHINESE LANTERNS (The Galens) (Seals-Crofts)

18) ORIENTAL GARDEN (Ramona King) (King)

19) LITTLE GEISHA (Eddy Christiani) (Christiani-Erich)

20) HONG-KONG (Flyod Cramer) (Stevens)

21) THE JAPANESE FAREWELL SONG (Earl Grant) (Yoshida-Morgan)

22) ORIENTAL BABY (Artie Banks and the Tellers) (Dillard-Burton)

23) CHOP-SUEY-ROCK (The Instrumentals) (Smith)

24) CHINESE TWIST (The Popcorns) (Burman)

25) ONION SALAD (The Dynamics) (Afden)

26) CHINATOWN(My Chinatown) (Bobby Gregg) (Gregg)

27) HONORABLE HONG-KONG (Lionel Newman) (May)

28) THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG (Jimmy Mc Griff) (Dunning)

29) ORIENTAL HOP (Moon Kim) (Pockriss-Vance)

30) TEA HOUSE IN CHINATOWN (4 Tops) (Hunter-Stevenson)

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