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(S. Prosen-C. Rivers)

2. JOHNNY ALADDIN-Why did you go

(S. Vincent)

3. BOBBY HART-Girl in the Window

(S. Marshman)

4. DICK GLASSER-Heartaches over You


5. FRANKIE CALEN-Little Cry Baby

(H. Bernstein)

6. FRANKIE CALEN-Over the Summer

(H. Bernstein)


(N. De Mattea)

8. BOBBY VINTON-A Freshman and a Saphomore)

(G. Schachter-J.R. Drake)

9. GENE AVERY-Why should I need You so

(L. Ballard Jr)

10. FRANK GORSHIN-That's the Trouble with Love

(B. Chilton-J. Haling)

11. JOE DOWELL-The One I left for You

G. Dowell)

12. MIKE RUSSO-Agnes

(N. Blagman)

13. GENE KENNEDY-The Deepest Part of the Ocean

(S. James)

14. JIMMY JORDAN-Teenage Tears


15. BOB CONRAD-Love You


16. JOHNNY KAPP-Why did it have to Change

(J. Darrow)

17 FRANKIE LOVE-First Star

(D. Pomus-M. Shuman)

18. BERNIE LAWRENCE-Day Time, Night Time

(S. Lawrence-B. Lawrence)

19. LEE TIMMONS-Mam, Man, Mr Sandman

(L. Robertson-H. Bynum)

20. KENNY CHANDLER-I Tell Myself (Running After You)


21. MARLIN GREENE-Let there be Love

(M. Greene) '

22. JOE COSTA-Manday Morning go to School Blues

(E. Schuman-L. Carr)

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