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  1) LOVE IS A TRAP (Cleveland Robinson) (Robinson)

2) TELL HIM I'M NOT HOME (Jill Talmadge) (Barry)

3) MY LOVE IS SO STRONG FOR YOU (Greater Davis) (Davis-Bell)

4) YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME (Little Jimmy Dee) (Dee)

5) IF YOU CAN STAND ME (Tamala Lewis) (Clinton)

6) YOU GOTTA HAVE LOVE (Joe Hinton) (Hinton)

7) I DON'T KNOW (Ruth Brown) (Benton -Stevenson)

8) YOU WON'T DO RIGHT (Art Neville) (Neville-Marsant)

9) YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME (Deon Jackson) (Rogers)

10) NOT MY GIRL (Johnny Hampton) (Johnson)

11) KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT (Lee Jackson) (Jackson)

12) UNCHAIN MY HEART (Sandy Phillips) (Jones-James)

13) SIXTEEN TONS (Oscar Brown Jr) (Travis)

14) SWEET MOLLY MALONE (Brenton Wood) (Hooven-Smith)

15) WITH ALL THAT'S IN ME (Marv Johnson) (Paul-Williams)

16) BABY THINK IT OVER (The Peaches) (Davis)

17) PRETTY LITTLE GIRL (George Smith) (Smith)

18) I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BABY'S FACE (Spyder Turner) (Taylor)

19) THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER (Vi Velasco) (Bacharach-David)

20) ONE STEP AT A TIME (Madeline Bell) (Ashford-Simpson)

21) FOLLOW THE SUN (Chico Holiday) (Udell-Gold)

22) YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME (Clifford Binns) (Smith)

23) IF Y HAD A LOVER LIKE YOU (Joe Bragg) (Bragg)

24) THANKS MR POSTMAN (Bobby King) (John)

25) TOWER OF STRENGTH (Gloria ynne) (Bacharach-Milliard)

26) YOU LOST ME (Tawny Williams) (Roberts-Stevens)

27) IF YOU LEAVE ME (Johnny Mc Kinley) (Rogers)

28) IT'S YOUR VOODOO WORKING (Charles Sheffield) (Sheffield)

29) YOU'RE MY LEADING LADY (Tommy Frontera) (Pierce)

30) HOW CAN I (keep from crying) (Charles Perry) (Perry-Ball)

31) ONE HUNDRED YEARS (Freddy King) (Tommbs-Watkins)

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