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1) IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE (Billy Larkin) (David)

2) TWINE TIME (Alvin Cash) (Williams)

3) CUCHY FRITO MAN (Claus Ogerman) (Rivera)

4) SWEETEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (Roger Hatcher) (Hatcher)

5) SURE THING (Helen Smith) (Reid Clarke)

6) EL SOUL-O (Los Mc Cann) (Mc Cann)

7) BABY YOUR LIGHT IS OUT (Young Holt Unlimited) (Walker)

8) NASSAU DADDY (The Party Brothers) (Thomas)

9) VOICE YOUR CHOICE (The Radiants) (Simms)

10) THE BOTTLE (Gil Scott Heron) (Scott)

11) HEY RUBY (shut your mouth) (Ruby & the Party Gang) (Martin)

12) MUSIC (The Festivals) (Richards)

13) HELP A LONELY GUY (The Companions) (Huff-Scott)

14) BABY THAT'S A GROOVE (Roy Handy) (Clinton)(Holland-Dozier)

15) KEEP THE SOUL BABY (Googie Rene) (Vikki)

16) HELLO STRANGER (The Capitols) (Lewis)

17) HE'S A KING (Barbara Mc Nair) (Taylor)

18) LET ME BE THE FOOL (Lucky Clark) (Lewis)

19) BEHIND THE CURTAINS (Jan Bradley) (Mayfield)

20) FEVER (Coley Arnez) (Davenport-Cooley)

21) CHILLS AND FEVER (Teacho & the Students) (Reid-Clark)

22) DADDY ROLLIN'STONE (Jimmy Ricks) (Blackwell)

23) FUNKY BROADWAY (Lowell Fulsom) (Pickett)

24) DOWN AND OUT (George Freeman) (Chandler)

25) I'M WALKIN (Al Apollo) (Bruno)

26) ONLY ONE (Gay Meadows & the Yobyalps) (Philips)

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