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1) NO GIRL (Billy Stewart) (Davis-Williams)

2) THIS I BEG OF YOU (Jimmy Norman) (Norman)

3) YOU AIN' T TOO COOL (Cash Mc Call) (Haywood-Higgins)

4) FALLING IN AND OUT OF LOVE (Johnny Nash) (Nash-Norman)

5) CEATRIX DID IT (Monk Higgins) (Higgins)

6) STUCK ON YOU (The Poets) (Leiber-Stoller)


8) LONG AFTER TONIGHT (Jimmy Radcliffe) (Bacharach-David)

9) LOVE IT IS (Harvey Scales) (Scales-Jacobs)

10) POQUITO SOUL (One G + Three) (Miller)

11) DOIN'THE MULE (Billy Bland) (Bland)

12) I'M A GOOD WOMAN (Barbara Lynn) (Ozen)

13) THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF MEN (Nicky Lee) (Campbell)

14) THE IN CROWD (Dobie Gray) (Pa g e)

15) CHITLINS CON CARNE (Kenny Burrell) (Burrell)

16) OOH BABY (Bo Diddley) (Mac Daniel-James)

17) ONE KISS (Johnny Guitar Watson) (Watson)

18) SPANISH MOSS (The Braceros) (Gerstlaner)

19) CAN'T GET SATISFIED (Brother Jack Mc Duff) (Mc Duff)

20) BOTTOM END (The Dynatones) (Figlar)

21) WOMAN'S GOT SOUL (The Impressions) (Maysfield)

22) CANTALOUPE ISLAND (Donald Byrd) (Hancock)

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