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1) TWO IN THE MORNING (Spooners Crowd) (Oldham)

2) MUST I HOLLER (Jano Thomas) (Thomas)

3) PIGNY (Billy Larkin) (Larkin-Brown)

4) PEA SHOOTER (Donald Austin) (Wilson-Austin)

5) DANCE LITTLE GIRL (Clay Hammond) (Brown-Smith)

6) FOLLOW THE LEADER (Willy Terry) (Terry-Curry)

7) HELP ME (Ray Sharpe) (Sharpe-Dupree-Ousley)

8) I WANT YOU TO HAVE EVERYTHING (Lee Rogers) (Hanks-Bell)

9) COMIN' HOME BABY (Mel Torne) (Tucker-Dorough)

10) LENNY GOOFED (The Naturals) (Holler-Smith-Jones)

11) MOSCOW TWIST (Lionel Torrence) (West-Webster)

12) OPPORTUNITY (The Jewels) (Evans-Stewart)

13) HARLEM SHUFFLE (Bob and Earl)(Radio version) (Nelson)

14) EXPERIMENT IN TERROR (H.Mancini) (Mancini)

15) HANKS GROOVE (Hank Jacobs) (Jacobs)

16) STAND BY ME (Spyder Turner) (King-Glick)

17) ALVIN'S BOOGALO (Alvin Cash) (Jones)

18) AIN'T NO REASON FOR GIRLS (Bobby Marchan) (Gamble-Huff)

19) SOUL SAMBA (Davy Jones) (Adderly)

20) BILLY'S BAG (Billy Preston) (Preston)

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