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1) LET ME KNOW (Billy Preston) (Preston)

2) LET ME BE YOUR BOY (Wilson Pickett) (Harbert)

3) SWEET INSPIRATION (Yhe Sweet Inspirations) (Oldhan)

4) MY BACK SCRATCHER (Frank Frost) (Frost-Young)

5) ALI-BABA (The Champs) (Rio)

6) THERE GOES MY BABY (Garmel Minns) (Otis-Nelson)

7) SONG FOR MY FATHER (Horace Silver) (Silver)

8) DADDY ROLLIN'STONE (Derek Martin) (Martin)

9) SAN-HO-ZAY (Willie Mitchell) (King)

10) CAN'T HOLD BACK THE TEARS (Little Milton) (Campbell)

11) VIVA TIRADO (El Chicano) (Wilson)

12) FEVER (Earl Grant) (Davemport-CooI ey)

13) PLEASE LOVE ME (Betty Everett) (Smith)

14) I MISS YOU BABY (Mary Johnson) (Paul-Broadnax)

15) THE HORSE (Cliff Nobles & Co) (James)

16) I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT BABY (Grover Mitchell) (Mitchell)

17) SAFE AND SOUND (Fontella Bass) (Davis-Smith)

18) SOUL SMOKIN' (Little Grady Lewis) (Lewis)

19) DO IT ONE MORE TIME (Alvin Cash) (Higgins)

20) FOOLTISH (Eddie Harris) (Philips)

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