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1) CAN YOU DIG IT? (Chico and Buddy) (Perry)

2) SO FAR AWAY (Hank Jacobs) (Jacobs)

3) DROWN MY HEART (David Coleman) (Rivera)

4) HUNGRY FOR LOVE (San Remo Strings) (Jackson)

5) OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART (Darrell Banks) (Banks)

6) JERK AND TWINE (Jackie Ross) (Smith-Davis)

7) THE ENTERTAINER (Tony Clarke) (Clarke)

8) THE LOOP (Johnny Lytle) (Lytle)

9) THAT'S ENOUGH (Roscoe Robinson) (Wildroot)

10 LOVE MAKES A WOMAN (Barbara Acklin) (Record-Sanders-Davis-S ins)

11) GONZO (James Booker) (Malone)

12) MISTER BANG-BANG MAN (Little Hank) (Taylor)

13) MAMA DIDN'T LIE (Jan Bradley) (Mayfield)

14) HOT CAKES (Dave Baby Cortez) (Clowney-Hall)

15) DEAD END STREET (Lou Rawls) (Rawls)

16) Mr SOUL (Bud Harper) (Malone)

17) BLUES IN THE NIGHT (Johnny Taylor) (Arlen-Mercer)

18) I'M BLUE (Ikettes) (Turner)

19) CAUGHT YOU IN A LIE (Robert Parker) (Diamond)

20) HANG ON SLOOPY (LONG VERSION) (David Porter) (Russell-Farrell)

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