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1 ) SOUL CARGO (Léon Haywood) (Haywood)

2) GOING TO A HAPPENING (Tommy Neal) (Wylie-Hester)

3) LEAD ME ON (Gwen Mc Crae) (Malone)

4) HEY MISTER DJ ! (Bobby Moore) (Moore)

5) GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE (Wilmer and the Dukes) (Brown)

6) BELIEVE IT OR NOT (Rex Garvin) (Dunn-Garvin-Holman)

7) THREAD THE NEEDLE (Clarence Carter) (Carter)

8) (I'm so) THANKFUL (Ikettes) (Gordon-Wilson)

9) UNTIE ME (The Tams) (South)

10) DO WATCHA WANNA (Donnie Elbert) (Dallas-Elbert)

11) JADE EAST (Ramsey Lewis) (Evans)

12) AFFINIDAD (Errol Garner) (Garner)

13) I SPY FOR THE F.B.I. (Jamo Thomas) (Wylie-Kelly)

14) YOU AIN'T READY (Billy Butler) (Butler)

15) BUT IT'S ALRIGHT (JJ.Jackson) (Jackson-Tubbs)

16) HOLE IN THE WALL (Billy Larkin) (Cropper-Ja ckson-Jones)

17) BLACK FOX (Freddy Robinson) (Higgins)

18) DANGER HE'S A STRANGER (The five Stairsteps) (Burka-Mayfield)

19) BABY SCRATCH MY BACK (Slim Harpo) (Moore)

20) MINISTREL AND QUEEN (The Impressions) (Mayfield)

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