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1) LULLABY OF GHOST LAND (Frankie Stein) (Stein)
2) THE GHOSTMAN RINGS TWICE (Frankie Stein) (Stein)
3) IN A GROOVY GRAVE (Frankie Stein) (Stein)
4) THE SPOOK (The Tomko's) (Karroll)
5) THE WHIP (The Creeps) (Leisy-Montgomery)
6) STRANGE HAPPENINGS (Rex Garvin) (Dunn-Garvin-Holman)
7) SPOOK Y (George Barnes) (Barnes)
8) THE SHEIK OF ARABY (Bob Mc Fadden) (Smith-Snyder)
9) GRAVEYARD SHIFT (Bobby (Boris) Pickett) (Paxton-Mc Rae)
10) DOWN IN THE BASEMENT (The Munsters) (Hooven-Carroll)
11) DINNER WITH DRAC (John Zacherly) (Sheldon)
12) RAUNCHY (The Deadly Ones) (Manker-Justis)
13) SCENE OF THE CRIME (Dinah Shore) (Allan-Stillman)
14) SATAN IS HER NAME (Steve King) (King)
15) MISTER WERE-WOLF (The Kac-Ties) (Smith)
16) STROLLIN'SPOOKS (Ken Nordine) (Jinby)
17) EXPERIMENT IN TERROR (H.Mancini) (Mancini)
18) GROOVY (Joe Dodo and The Groovers) (Charles)
19) THE HOWL (Johnny Fager) (Cleveland)
20) RUSSIAN ROULETTE (The Zanies) (Biden-Henrie-Steiner)
21) THE MONSTER SWIM (Bobby Pickett) (Denos-Paxton)
22) FRANKENSTEIN STOMP (Lorry and the Bitters) (Stein-Ainley)
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