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1) YOUR HEART WASN'T IN IT (Chuck Collins) (Rogers)

2) IF THIS IS GOODBYE (Harry and The Keyavas) (Jackson)

3) TAKE IT FROM A GUY WHO KNOWS (Tim Considine) (Powers)

4) RETURN (Maurice Williams) (Williams)

5) DON'T YOU KNOW (West Siders) (Shields)

6) UP IN SMOKE (Johnny Appalachian) (Spencer)

7) I'M GONNA LOCK YOU UP (All the Marbles) (Haber)

8) TONIGHT IS OUR LAST NIGHT (Frank Gari) (Muskin)

9) A LITTLE LIKE LOVIN (Jimmy Griffin) (Barkan)

10) I'LL NEVER GO TO A PARTY AGAIN (Charles Hodges) (Nash)

11) BARRICUDA (The Page Boys) (Freeman)

12) SILVER DOLLAR (Tommy Mc Cook and the Skatalites) (Reid)

13) THAT'S WHY I'M SO SAD (Abe+Marion Ester+Casa novas) (Ester)

14) PARADE OF BROKEN HEARTS (Myrna March) (Elgin-Dixon)

15) WHY DO THEY SAY GOODBYE (Jerry Fuller) (Fuller)

16) PRETENDER (Ernestine Matchett) (Hall)

17) ONE OUT OF A HUNDRED (Little Herman) (Bean)

18) STATION HURT (Bobby Long) (Long)

19) I MIGHT LIKE IT (Tommy Hunt)

20) NOBODY'S GONNA HURT YOU (Annie Laurie) (Cooley)

21) HARRY'S HAREM (Cee Cee Joy) (Evans)

22) REBEL HEART (Larry Hall) (Hall)

23) DON'T YOU KNOW (Them) (Scott)

24) IF YOU WANT THIS LOVE OF MINE (Sammy Davis) (Knight)

25) EMANCIPATION, PROCLAMATION (Tod Tyler) (Sh rage r-Chonny-Wi nfieId)

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