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1) CLEO (CLEOPATRA) (The Mark IV) (Philips)

2) HOLY MACKEREL (Fields Madera) (Woodlen)

3) DIXIE WOMEN (The New Ports) (Smith-Winn)

4) TELL A WHALE OF A TALE (Wynonie Harris) (Miller)

5) ONE GRAIN OF SAND (Kitty Kallen) (Grewe-Brown)

6) NO WAMPUM (Teddy Martin) (Mengozzi)

7) YOU MOVE ME SO (Paula Grimes) (Snelson)

8) ETERNITY (Kip Tyler) (Tyler)

9) IT'S BEEN SO LONG (Kenny Dana) (Stallman)

10) TOO MUCH DREAMIN'S NO GOOD (The Gi's) (Morris)

11) BEECHER'S BOSSA NOVA (Johnny Beecher) (Johnson)

12) IF I GET LUCKY SOME DAY (Duffy Powers) (Howard)

13) THE RECIPE (FOR PERFECT FOOLS) (Barbara George) (Jackson)

14) ON THE CORNER (Connie Haines) (Solomon)

15) WOW! (David Michael) (Townsend)

16) BLONDE CABOOSE (John Plonsky) (Plonsky)

17) THERE SHE GOES (Cleftones) (Cox-Pearson)

18) THE BEAST (Milt Buckner) (Cavanaugh)

19) HEY EULA (Sil Austin) (North-Cahn)

20) CASTLE IN THE SKY( Al Jones) (Covay-Berry)

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