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1) AHBE CASABE (Marti Barris) (Ahbez)

2) LIPSTICK (The Playthings) (Conway)

3) FEVER (Barbara English) (Davenport-Cooley)

4) EH! GIA! (Zanetti et Caly) (Goff in-irwin-Caponi)

5) COME HOME (Clark Richard) (Richard)

6) YESTERDAY'S KISSES (Big Maybelle) (Bruno)

7) YOU'VE BEEN TALKIN'BOUT ME BABY (Latin souls) (Garnett)

8) BABALU (Ray Baretto) (Lauoma)

9) MOUNTAIN OF A MAN (Charlie Francis) (Francis)

10) JUST ONE LOOK (Doris Troy) (Carroll Payne)

11) JALOUSIE (Sonny Day) (Bloom-Gade)

12) CHINCHILLA (X-Rays) (Stan-Wolf)

13) FLAMENCO (John Anderson) (Von Buren-Anderson)

14) I'M GONNA MAKE IT BABY (Pete Terrace) (Sheller-Terraca-Wilson)

15) KISSES THAT SHAKE THE WORLD (Frankis Laine) (Dentato-Gifford)

16) I'VE GOT THE BLUES (Marvin Jenkins) (Jenkins)

17) I'LL. CRY ALONE (Gala Garnett) (Garnett)

18) TELEGRAPH (Tiny Dee) (Hubbard-Murray-Baker)

19) IF YOU WANT THIS LOVE OF MINE (Sonny Knight) (Knight)

20) SODA POP (Bill Dogget) (Dogget)

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