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Follow me to Popcorn vol2 1) ANNIE B. IS GONE (Ronnie Chapman) (Coldin-Presscoff)

2) LIVING DREAM (Lenny Miles) (Thomas)

3) CASTLE IN THE SKY (Gerri Granger) (Covay-Berry)

4) I'M GLAD IT WAS YOU (Nat Wright) (Wright)

5) TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS (Sam Fletcher) (Parrish-Markush)

6) YOU'LL NEVER CHANGE (Betty Lavette) (Scoffield)

7) ONE HORSE TOWN (The High Keys) (Keyes)

8) DON'T TREAT ME THIS WAY (Mel Anton) (Anton-Brown)

9) LOVE (Justin Jones) (Janis)

10) LONESOME SHACK (Ernie Washington) (Roberts)

11) BABY COME BACK HOME (Jeff Lane) (Lane)

12) CORA LEE (Titus Turner) (Bernice-Snelson)

13) JILTED (Spencer Sterling) (Mc Kenzie-King-Sterling)

14) YOU GOT ME CRAZY (Lew Conetta) (Conyers-Pamberton)

15) IT'S SO WONDERFUL (Jo Ellyn) (Hill)

16) I CAN'T STOP MYSELF (Lemme B Good) (Carter-Lewis)

17) MOON GUITAR (Rangoons) (Baccharah-David)

18) PERSIAN KING (Nino Rienzi) (Martinelli)

19) SO ATTRACTED TO YOU (Herbi Silvers) (Silvers)

20) BOSTON MONKEY (The Hustlers) (Smith)

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