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1) THE FASHIONS Dearest one (Barett)

2) TIFANY MICHEL Come closer (Gaudio)

3) THE JELLY BEANS I'm hip to you (Thomas)

4) DENISE GERMAINE Little lost lover (Edwards-Partee)

5) MARIE GLADNESS Cops and robers (Smith)

6) KAREN SMALL To get you back again (Julian)

7) THE VIP'S You pulled a fast one (Giant-Baum-Kaye)

8) THE ELECTRODES Go away (King)

9) THE DYNETTES New guy (Williams)

10) TAMMI TERRELL Sinner's devotion (Hilliard-Bacharrach)

11) THE CHEVELLS It's goodbye (Carwin-Moors)

12) HOLLY MAXWELL Only when you're lonely (Williams)

13) DIANE CUNNINGHAM Party time (Taylor-Willis)

14) THE PEARLETTES Duchess of earl (Dixon-Edwards)

15) DELORES HILL What he used to tell me (Gentile-Lambert)

16) TAMMY LEVON Schoolgirl's dream (Garfield-Weber)

17) JOAN MOODY Don't do me that way (Douglas-Dobbs)

18) TUTTI HILL He's a lover (Miller-Porter)

19) PAT LUNDY Play it again (Singleton)

20) ROODIE JOY Come back baby (Lewis-Lisi)

21) MAXIME DAVIS Before I leave you (Stevens)

22) BARBARA ENGLISH I don't deserve a boy like you (Kolber-Keller)

23) THE RESULTS Untie me (South)

24) THE DEBS Dangerahead (Stevenson-Shaw)

25) THE KAVETTES You broke your promises (Tarleton)

26) BARBARA GREEN A lover's plea (Parker)

27) DEE DEE SHARP Wild (Mann-Appell)

28) PATTI DREW Workin' on a groovy thing (Sedaka-Atkins)

29) MARY WELLS Why don't you let yourself go ? (Clark)

30) CATHY AND COOKIE That man of mine (Blakeney)

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