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1) TIME IS PASSING BY (The Monitors) (Dean-Weatherspoon)

2) STEAL AWAY TONIGHT (Barbara Mc Nair) (Paul-Hamilton)

3) WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE (Shorty Long) (Long Gaye-Stevenson)

4) TOO PROUD TO CRY (Brenda Holloway) (Wilson-Bowen)

5) WHY DO YOU WANT TO LET ME GO (Marv Johnson) (Gordy)

6) REAL HUMDIGER (JJ. Barnes) (Hamilton-Morris)

7) THAT'S WHAT HAPPENING (Bruce Channel) (Hansey-Mc Means)

8) BLUEBIRD (German version) (Temptations) (Busch-Sharfenberger)

9) ON'T LET HIM SHOP'AROUND (Debbie Dean) (Wakefild-Gordy-Robinson)

10) I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE (Tony Michaels) (Hamilton-Poratton)

11) NOW YOU'RE LONELY (Gino Washington) (Washington)

12) SWEET-LITTLE PUSSYCAT (Andre Williams) (Williams-Scott)

13) EVERY DAY (The Challengers) (Bogan)

14) YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES (Barett Strong) (Gordy-Davis)

15) COME ON AND ANSWER ME (Harvey) (Fuqua)

16) OUANTO SAI BELLA (YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL) (San Remo Golden Strings) (Bratton)

17) TOO YOUNG, TOO MUCH, TOO SOON (Bobby Smith & The Spinners) (Fuqua)

18) WISH YOU A MERRY XMAS (Kim Weston) (Stevenson)

19) JUST LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET (The Reflections) (Hamilton-Goreman)

20) TAKE ME BACK (Freddie Gorman) (Mancha-Hamilton)

21) CAN YOU LOVE A POOR BOY? (The Miracles) (Hunter-Wonder)

22) I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER (The Hallidays) (Davis)

23)THAT CHILD IS REALLY WILD (Singin Sammy Ward) (Gordy-Robinson)

24) WATCHA' GONNA DO (Terry Johnson) (Johnson-Robinson)

25) IT (Ron and Bill) (Gordy-Robinson)

26) SWEETER AS THE DAY GO BY (The Four Tops) (Wilson)


28) THE DAY THAT SHE NEEDED ME (The Contours) (Smith)

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