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1) SWEETER AS THE DAYS GO BY (Chris Clark) (Wilson-Gordon)

2) THE MONKEY TIME (The Miracles) (Mayfield)

3) THE DAY WILL COME (Mary Wells) (Bradford-Ossman)

4) COME INTO MY PALACE (The Supremes) (Moore-Stevenson-Hol land)

5) LOIS (Stevie Wonder) (Paul-Wonder)

6) TEARSTAINED LETTER (The Temptations) (Whitfield-Bradford)

7) CAN'T STOP LOOKING FOR MY BABY (The Fantastic Four) (Hamilton)

8) FOR THIS I THANK YOU (Gino Parks) (Paul-Hunter)

9) ONE SCOTCH, ONE BOURBON, ONE BEER (Almos Milburn) (Toombs)

10) BABY LOVE (Choker Campbell) (Holland-Dozier)

11) GET MY HANDS ON SOME LOVIN' (Marvin Gaye) (Stevenson)

12) DEVIL IN HIS HEART (Carolyn Crawford) (Gordy)

13) CANDY TO ME (Eddie Holland) (Holland-Dozier)

14) TALKIN' BOUT MY GIRL (The Reflections) (Gorman-Hamilton)

15) TELL ME (The Vows) (Gordon-Wilson)

16) THERE CAN BE TOO MUCH (Freddie Gorman) (Hamilton-Gorman)

17) I WANT HER LOVE (Jimmy Ruffin) (Holland-Whitfield)

18) WHAT'S THE MATTER (Shorty Long) (Long)

19) BABY DON'T CHA WORRY (Johnny + Jackey) (Beavers)

20) TOMORROW AND ALWAYS (The Satintones) (Rare Version) (Bateman-King)

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