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1) I COULDN'T CRY IF I WANTED TO (Eddie Holland) (Whitfield-Hol land)

2) PLEASE MISTER KENNEDY (Mickey Woods) (Gordy-Wakefield)

3) THE DAY WILL COME (Freddie Gorman) (Holland-Bateman)

4) I'M HOOKED (Bunny Paul) (Gordy)

5) MY KIND OF LOVE (Satintones) (Brianbert-Scott-Williams)

6) ANY GIRL IN TOWN (Kim Weston) (Howard)

7) STEP ASIDE BABY (Lollipops) (Walker)

8) YOU CAN LUMP IT (Embers) (Thomas)

9) MOTHER YOU SMOTHER YOU (Christine Shumaker) (Holland-Dozier-Taylor)

10) TEA HOUSE IN CHINATOWN ( 4 Tops) (Stevenson-Hunter)

11) FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE (Frances Nero) (Dean-Stevenson)

12) IT HURT ME TOO (Marvin Gaye) (Knight-Stevenson)

13) THERE HE IS AT MY DOOR (Veils) (Holland-Dozier-Gorman)

14) CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY (Miracles) (Robinson)

15) WHAT'S EASY FOR TWO IS HARD FOR ONE (Connie Haines) (Robinson)

16) I'M ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN (Eddie Holland) (Holland)

17) WOULD I LOVE YOU (Miracles) (Robinson)

18) JUST ONE LOOK (Veils) (Caroll-Payne)

19) DEAREST ONE (Lamont Dozier) (Dozier-Hol land)

20) SWEETER AS THE DAYS GO BY (Frank Wilson) (Wilson)

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