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1) SWEET LITTLE LOVE (Al Brown) (Sharp-James)

2) BROKEN HEARTED MELODY (Cathy Lane) (David-Edwards)

3) THE MAKINGS OF THE MAN (Larry Paul) (Jacobson)

4) YESTERDAY'S KISSES (Dean Barlow) (Feldman)

5) MUCH TOO MUCH (Bettye Smith) (Smith)

6) POOR BOY (Jimmy Holiday) (Baird-White)

7) A MAN SHOULD NEVER CRY (James Moore) (Fitzpatrick)

8) WHERE'S MY MONEY ? (Willie Jones) (King-Jones)

9) MAN OF STONE (Jeff Hunter) (Sorrenson-Lyles)

10) WILD CHILD (Donnie Elbert) (Smith-Dixon)

11) JOHNNY RISK (Gary and Clyde) (Conway)

12) SPACE RACE (Gene + The Esquires) (Paxton)

13) LOOKING LIKE A FOOL (Jo Ann Alston) (Holmes)

14) I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU (Lloyd Nolan) (Roxborough)

15) YOUR OLD STAND BY (Milt Grayson) (Covay-Ott)

16) IF THE THINGS IN MY ROOM COULD TALK (Johnny Hunter) (Fuller)

17) BABY GIRL OF MINE (Anthony Hall) (Sharp)

18) 31 STEPS (Teddy Philips) (Burch)

19) BETTY MAE (Rodger Green) (Green)

20) YOU WANT NO ONE BUT ME (Don Carol) (Carol)

21) BIG BOY YOU'RE TROUGH (Linda Willoby) (Jones)

22) MONEY- MONEY (Big John Taylor) (Taylor)

23) LET THE FOOL KISS YOU (The Velvets) (Johnson)

24) LET'S GO TO COLLEGE (Hy Tyde) (Tyde)

25) LOOK THE OTHER WAY (Jean du Shon) (Bernstein)

26) CALL ME (Eddie Bishop) (Montez)

27) LUCY D (Jim Pike) (Killian-Drucker)

28) I DO THE BEST I CAN (Jackie Burns) (Schaltz-Kusik)

Return list