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1) BABY THAT'S ALL (Nicky de Matteo) (Luis)

2) RAIN FROM THE SKIES (Adam Wade) (Bacharach-David)

3) UNLUCKY GIRL (Patience Valentine) (Smith-Samuel)

4) ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (Joey Dee) (Blackwell-Singleton)

5) A SECOND THOUGHT (Dawn Glass) (Osburn-Kilgore)

6) GOTTA KEEP ON WALKING (Little Herman) (Bean)

7) TENDER LOVE (Tommy Jay) (Jackson)

8) TAKE ALL OF MY LIFE (Carrie Grant and The Grandeurs) (Martin-Bailey)

9) HEAVEN NEEDED AN ANGEL (Al Alberts) (Alberts- Reichner)

10) SO WHAT (Ray Rush) (Rush-Ames-Smith)

11) CLEOPATRA (The Precisions) (Litkei)

12) TINTERELLA DI LUNA (Sonny Lester) (Phillip-Skylar)

13) PLEASE TELL ME YOUR NAME (Ronnie Carroll) (Keyes)

14) SOMEONE'S GONNA CRY (Val Martinez) (Smith)

15) BE MY BABY (Johnny Deerfield) (Barry-Greenwich)

16) WORKIN' OUT (Ernie Fields) (Palmer)

17) TENDERLY CHA-CHA (Sammy Leeds) (Cross)

18) BROKEN HEARTED BOY (Jerry Edwards) (David)

19) I'LL NEVER LET HER GO (Lloyd Price) (Price)

20) FOREVER (Jo Damiano) (Marcucci-de Angelis)

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