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1) DANCE BY YOURSELF (Justin Jones) (Prosen)

2) NEVER SAY GOODBYE (Jimmy Beaumont) (Keller)

3)TV COMMERCIALS (Barney Kessel) (Kessel)

4) SPANISH RICE (Clark Terry) (Terry)

5) I'LL FOREVER LOVE YOU (Tony Harris) (Harris)

6) LAUGH MY HEART (Malcom Dodds) (Scott)

7) KEEP ME ON YOUR MIND (Kevin Mc Quinn) (Quinn)

8) THE POOL OF LOVE (Bobby Whalen) (Whalen)

9) MARIZINIA (Johnny Starr) (Simonetti)

10) YOUNG DAYS (Randy Lee) (Smith-Joy)

11) ALL I WANT IS YOU (Jt. Rythm) (Hamilton)

12) BRAND NEW MAN (R" Popcorn "Wylie) (Goffin-King)

13) MAMA TELL ME WHAT TO DO (Cardella de Milo) (Kennedy)

14) PLEASE STAY WITH ME (Tony Amaro) (Delys-Miller)

15) SUGAR LIPS (Nicky Vallo) (Leonetti-La Veglia)

16) CHINATOWN (Victor Knight) (Greenfield-Miller)

17) LET HER GO (Gene Stridel) (Wolf-Davis)

18) WELCOME HOME TO MY HEART (Gary Criss) (Brass-Levine)

19) KISS YOUR TEARDROPS AWAY (Laddins) (Elgin-Augustus)

20) GUINEA PIG (Sonny Burke) (Burke)

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