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1 ) GOGGLE EYED. (Craig Alden) (Shumann-Carr)

2) EVERY NOW AND THEN. (Curtis Metland) (Dupree)

3) WATCH OUT. (Dorothy Berry) (Gates)

4) SEE THE BIG MAN CRY. (Ed Bruce) (Bruce)

5) I KNOW BETTER. (The Flamingos) (Nash)

6) THE LOVIN'TOUCH. (Mark Dinning) (Goffin-Keller)

7) IF YOU'RE MOTHER ONLY KNEW. (Miracles) (Rob i nson -Stevenson)

8) RAIN. (The Raindrops) (Williams)

9) SWEET AND INNOCENT. (Clyde Mc-Phatter) (Hall-Sherrie)

10) MOMENTS. (Jennel Hawkins) (Berry)

11) TOY SOLDIER. (Dramatics) (Gates-Brown-Hunter)

12) BILLY'S CHACHA. (Wildcats) (Davis)

13) A FOOL LIKE ME. (Sonny Knight) (Tapper-Bennett)

14) RAINCOAT IN A RIVER. (Sammy Turner) (Schroeder-kaye)

15) CHA-CHA ITALIANO. (Maria Mazza) (Merril)

16) BOOMERANG. (Love Mates) (Faircloth-Berry)

17) COME BACK. (Dean Barlow) (Snyder-Vance)

18) I WANT THAT. (Crash Craddock) (Lewis-Weissman)

19) TICK-TOCK. (Jimmy Jordan) (Jordan)

20) LAMENT. (Mamie Perry) (Perry)

Return List