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1) TOO MUCH ROSITA (Nick Todd) (Conn-Gold)
2) NOBODY BUT ME (Sam Chatmon) (Chatmon)
3) PROWL (The Finger Cymbals) (Blagman)
4) WHAT DID HE DO (Roy Handy) (Clinton-Thomas)
5) NOTHING BUT LOVE (Johnny Mc Bee) (Brown)
6) I COULDN'T CARE LESS (Modern Redcaps) (Wecht)
7) MR ORACLE OF LOVE (Marty Hill) (Hill)
8) THE PLACE (Pete King) (Mack)
9) LOVIN'(Lulu Reed) (Thompson-Williams)
10) PEACE OF MIND (Eddie Williams) (Williams)
11) GOTTA THINK IT OVER (Oberia Martinez) (Singleton)
12) SOMEBODY SAID (Porgy and The Monarchs) (Moore)
13) DO ME GOOD BABY (Joye Sherill) (Wayne)
14) COMPRENDE (UNDERSTAND) (Hillard Street) (Street)
15) THE SOUND OF THE HAMMER (Vicki Tasso) (Blakeney)
16) PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS (Mark Valentino) (Terra-Nova)
17) LAUGHIN'AT ME (Lynn Conner) (Bryant)
18) WHAT HAVE I GOT ON MY OWN (Trini Lopez) (Herring)
19) HEY ! (Gabriel and The Angels) (Kellis)
20) THE TEASE (Stu Phillips) (Phillips)
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