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1) TROUBLES-TROUBLES (Ray Rivera) (Rivera)

2) YOU NEED TO FALL IN LOVE (Little Jimmy Ray) (Ray)

3) NIGHTWALK (Joe Torres) (Huffstein)

4) THE GAL FROM JOE'S (Etta Jones) (Ellington-Mill)

5) FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD (Bunny Sigler) (Madara-White)

6) CONSCIENCE (Beverly Mc Kay) (Oliver)

7) BYE-BYE-BYE (Hank Bagby) (Johnson-Welton)

8) A LITTLE BIT OF MAGIC (Rosco Gordon) (Gordon)

9) CASANOVA (Robert Portee) (Vann-Height)

10) DON'T LEAD ME ON (Mister Tears Paris) (Chambers)

11) I'LL FORGET ABOUT YOU (Jimmy Merritt) (Oliver)

12) CRY OF THE CENTURY (Adonis) (Richards-Gentile)

13) THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND (J.Mc Kinley) (Mc Kinley)

14) FIVE STEPS TO THE BLUES (J.Anderson) (Anderson)

15) SOUP BONE (Chaz + Two) (Saunders)

16) SPANISH ONIONS (Freddie Mitchell) (Mitchell-Horton)

17) PARDON ME BABY (Sonny Fulton) (Edward-Green)

18) HANNAH LEE (Shelly Bane) (Dansig)

19) WISE LIKE SALOMON (Bobby Brooks) (White)

20) FREEDOM SOUNDS (Don Drummond) (Drummond)

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