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1) WHILE WE DANCED THE TANGO (Dave Howard) (Howard)

2) BLUE BIRD (Ted Heath) (Heath)

3) STAY (Nat Wright) (Wright)

4) SEAWEED (Freddie Mitchell) (Mitchell)

5) WALKIN' IN THE PARK (Gene Allison) (Jarret)

6) LAMENT FOR A LOST LOVER (Dick Baker) (Baker)

7) BIASSOLOGY (Lancers) (Williams-Lenz)

8) I WANT YOU RIGHT NOW (Parakeets) (Robbins-Davenport)

9) LUCKY IS MY NAME (Bruce Cloud) (Stanley-Schimmer)

10) DEAR JOHN, I'M GOING TO LEAVE YOU (Johnny Thunder) (Thunder)

11) SING ON BABY ( Jane Baker) (Otis)

12) PUT ON MY SHOES (Mary Ann Fisher) (Harper)

13) THE GRASS LOOKED GREENER (Jimmy Jordan) (Jones-Smith)

14) LIMBO (Hillard Street) (Street)

15) YOU'RE GONNA BE SORRY (Cicero Blake) (Strong-Flemons)

16) THE GIRL WITH THE SWINGING DERRIERE (Chubby Checker) (Sheldon-Wallis)

17) SOFT WALKIN (Freddie Houston) (Houston-Hills)

18) GEECHIE GOOMIE (Marga Benitez) (Godwin-Conrad)

19) TELL IT LIKE IT IS (Nomads) (Burton-Redd)

20) TIA MARIA (Dizzy Dixon and the Deacons) (Brandon-Mc Clellan)

Return List