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1) LET ME COME BACK HOME (Bruce Cloud) (Johnson)
2) COOL COOL COOL (Clare Sisters) (Williams-Thompson)
3) KEEP AWAY FROM JULIE ! (Eddie Martin) (Altman-Meshel)
4) CAMPANITAS DE CRISTAL (Perez Prado) (Hernandez)
5) SUMMERTIME (Milt Rogers) (Gerschwin)
6) I'M GONNA HAVE A PARTY (Ed Bruce) (Bruce)
7) CUCHY FRITO MAN (Billy Larkin) (Rivera-Roddie)
8) THE VELVET HAMMER (Toni Harper) (Atkerson)
9) WORKIN'(TheTrimphs) (Peay)
10) HOLA MUNECA ! (Lonnis Smith) (Smith)
11) THE GAL FROM JOEY's (Nina Simone) (Mills-Ellington)
12) DOWNSTAIRS (Plas Johnson) (Shaklin-Harris)
13) KEEP YOUR MIND ON ME (Jarmels) (Mac Rae-Parkins-Moore)
14) I'VE GOT MY EYES ON YOU (Marvellows) (Lewis-Hampden)
15) TRY ME (January Jones) (Burgess)
16) FOREVER (Pierre Lalonde) (Gelber)
17) MINNESOTA FATS (Johnny and the Hurricanes) (Mook-Baum)
18) POR FAVOR (June Valli) (Motola)
19) IN THE NIGHT (Ronnie Gallant) (Gallant)
20) DINING IN CHINATOWN (Jennifer Wells) (Younge)
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