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1) This world of mine (Walter Jackson) (Davis-Wylie)
2) Ooch i baba (Les Baxter) (Baxter-Johnson)
3) It hurts too much to cry (H.B. Barnum) (Barnum)
4) Ain't that just like a woman (Douglas Banks) (Gragg-Wecht)
5) Emperor of my baby's heart (Kurt Harris) (Raleigh-Barkan)
6) Think it over (and be sure) (Liz Verdi) (Verdi)
7) Cleopatra kick (Jack Laforge) (La Forge-Sebesky)
8) Your little sister (Marvelows) (Pate)
9) The right girl (Nick Charles) (Heinz)
10) Thinklin bells (Johnny Payne) (Mac Coy- Lew is- Banks)
11) Lonely battle (Jimmy Merritt) (Jackson-Banks)
12) Summertime (Edmundo Ross) (Gerschwin)
13) I'm leaving (Johnny Nash) (Nash)
14) Lily's Lament (Helen Grayco) (Allison-Kelly-Wells)
15) I was a fool (Paul Siindab) (Evans)
16) Yeah my baby loves me (Dav Kipp) (Stanford-Holf)
17) Ozzabod (Ozzie Torens) (Torrens)
18) The soul of Bonnie and Clyde (South central blues band) (Goodman-Clayto)
19) Trinidad (Willie Bobo) (Teacho)
20) Thirty-six-twenty-two-thirty-six (Herbie Goins) (Rife)
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